Headache Causes And Remedies That Work

Written by Fred Walton

There are several things to ask yourself, when looking for headache remedies:

1. When did your headache arrive?

a) Upon waking.

b) During the morning.

c) Following a heavy night out.

d) Following sport.

e) After a day in the sun.

f) After reading

2. How long have you had the headache, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or more?

3. Does your headache align with your menstrual cycle?

There are several types of headaches that are common, with the majority of those being of a vascular nature. People who suffer from constant headaches often seek relief by using various over the counter headache remedies in the form of medication, however this type of treatment usually only masks the problem and in some cases can even make the headache worse!

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