Jo Ann is a very experienced, well trained remedial massage therapist. She has over 24 years experience and knowledge. She likes to ensure you get the deepest relaxation, however getting the body to regeneration from each treatment.

During her many years as a massage therapist she has studied a wide range of sport modalities, Including sport and exercise, Yoga, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Acupressure, Trigger point release therapy, hot and cold stone therapy, and Doterra Aroma touch technique, and Resort Day Spa services and Fitness Centre for 7.5yrs.

The quaility of her work is very Professional and Therapeutic.

A Heated Hot stone Treatment is one you must try for yourself. The treatment starts with stones placed along your back. Than Joann works with the stones in her hands to massage the tension away. If the area is tight, larger stones will be used to release the tension in the muscle fibres.

Doterra Aroma Touch Technique works with the meridians. Jo-Ann delivers her work with an holistic approach.