Headache Causes And Remedies That Work

By Fred

There are several things to ask yourself, when looking for headache remedies:

1. When did your headache arrive?

a) Upon waking.

b) During the morning.

c) Following a heavy night out.

d) Following sport.

e) After a day in the sun.

f) After reading

2. How long have you had the headache, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or more?

3. Does your headache align with your menstrual cycle?

There are several types of headaches that are common, with the majority of those being of a vascular nature. People who suffer from constant headaches often seek relief by using various over the counter headache remedies in the form of medication, however this type of treatment usually only masks the problem and in some cases can even make the headache worse!

When it comes to the question of how to get rid of headaches, it is advised, where possible, that you seek natural remedies or treatment. Acupuncture, combined with massage is known to reduce headaches that keep coming back, particularly when the neck and back are involved, and strategies presented can alleviate the severity and incidence of headaches to the chronic sufferer. Reflexology and bowen therapy can also provide effective management when the structure is misaligned.

Chinese herbs are also very useful in reducing hormonal headaches and headaches aligning themselves with the menstrual cycle of women who are stressed or who suffer premenstrual tension. In the case of tension headaches, relaxation and meditation practises are useful as is esoteric massage, addressing the mind and body connection.

There are several ways headaches present, and these will depend somewhat on the circumstances surrounding the onset of discomfort. In some cases prevention is possible by addressing the cause, and cures without pills are always the best way to go.

The location of your headache often has meaning, it is usually related to the type of headache you are suffering from and what is causing it. It is useful to know the source of your pain as this will affect the management of your headache symptoms.

Dehydration Headaches — a common cause of this discomfort will be lack of water and the pain will usually begin at the back of your head around the base of the skull, level with the bottom of your ears.

Hormonal Headaches – This usually appears at the top of your head in the apex of the skull.

Eyestrain Headaches – These headaches appear between the eyes across the forehead, particularly after reading. This type of headache can often be light sensitive.

Sinus Headaches – These headaches are generally localised around the eyes and the area in the corner of the eyes, next to your nose, can even be tender to touch. This headache often will last for one to three days or longer, depending on the severity of the inflammation and sinusitis treatment will eventually alleviate the headache symptoms.

Toxic Headaches – These headaches are often similar to sinus headache or a stomach headache. If your pain is across the front of your forehead, and behind the eyes and analgesics have no effect, more than likely this is a toxic headache. This type of headache can often result in nausea and vomiting and appear very similar to a migraine. Often taking medication can make this headache feel worse.

Migraine Headaches — These headaches can be quite severe with rapid onset due to food sensitivities, emotional shock, and/or stress triggers. Migraine symptoms often start with sensitivity to light in the eye and culminate with nausea and vomiting. Blurred vision and dizziness are also often present and severe pain in the side of the head is commonly reported. If you are a suspected sufferer of migraine there is often a familiar path to recovery and if caught early enough this can stop the onset of the headache.

Often, this is a vascular headache and a vomiting commits a major blood flow to the stomach to allow regurgitation, thus reducing blood to the cranium. It is often following this reduction of blood flow that recovery takes place, rather quickly.

Hangover Headaches — this is a toxic headache often caused by the work the liver has to do in converting alcohol to amines and the body not having enough water to rinse the toxins from the body via the kidneys. The symptoms are similar to dehydration headaches.

Whatever the cause of your headache, there are natural remedies that work. Talk to your local natural therapist to find out how to get rid of your headaches today.

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