Fred Walton

Fred is the convenor of the clinic Access To Alternative Health in Kenmore. He has a Bachelor of Health Science from Victoria University He has been a Chinese medicine practitioner for 16 years. He commenced his practise in Ashgrove as a Remedial & Chinese massage therapist in 1996 and commenced his acupuncture practise in 1998. He worked in Ashgrove for a period of eight years, during this time studied Touch for health and Emotional Stress Relief. Both forms of Kinesiology. He has been in Kenmore for 8 years and is a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, in accordance with the Chinese Medicine Board Of Australia Certificate of Registration. Fred specialises in many areas of acupuncture the most prevalent being structural maladies such as injury, post operative recovery, low back pain, Headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, and by utilises Kinesiology to identify emotional bases to physical pain. Structural Balancing is also a large part of his work required to rid the body of pain.

JoAnn Prior

Jo Ann is a very experienced, well trained remedial massage therapist. She has over 25 years experience and knowledge.

She likes to ensure you get the deepest relaxation, however getting the body to regeneration from each treatment.

During her many years as a massage therapist she has studied a wide range of sport modalities, Including sport and exercise, Yoga, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Acupressure, Trigger point release therapy, hot and cold stone therapy, and Doterra Aroma touch technique, and Resort Day Spa services and Fitness Centre for 7.5yrs.

The quaility of her work is very Professional and Therapeutic, and knownledgeable.


A Heated Hot stone Treatment is one you must try for yourself. The treatment starts with stones placed along your back. Than Joann works with the stones in her hands to massage the tension away. If the area is tight, larger stones will be used to release the tension in the muscle fibres.


Doterra Aroma Touch Technique works with the meridians. Jo-Ann delivers her work with an holistic approach.


Katrina Poole

Katrina at has been working for many years to help her clients be happier and healthier. As part of her personal journey to a calmer and cleaner lifestyle, Katrina has bought together skills that can help you too.

Katrina has been a Reflexology specialist for the last 7 years. She has a Certificate IV in Reflexology, a Diploma Facial Reflexology and is a 20+ year experienced Beauty Therapist. Katrina is also trained in Cranio sacral reflexology, Aroma touch technique, Japanese Cosmo face lifting, neuro and brain facial reflexology, infertility and hormonal facial reflexology.

Reflexology is a massage therapy based on applying pressure to specific areas of the feet. As a reflexologist Katrina has trained to use this therapy to help balance the mind and body. When the body is "off" reflexology helps every gland, organ, muscle, tissue and cell to regain its natural equilibrium through stimulating the relevant pressure points, called reflexes.

Reflexology can help with stress, pain, anxiety, improve blood and lymph circulation, stimulate activity of internal organs, prevent injury, relieve pressure on legs and feet and increase energy.

Consistent with her reflexology and beauty training, Katrina is trained in Japanese Cosmolift therapy. This technique has been developed over 25 years. The procedure is performed on the face using ecological and natural products and it stimulates 21 points in the facial tissue to help with regeneration. It tones the muscles of the face, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the face skin looking fresh and luminous for just one treatment. For the best results, a course of treatments is recommended to help maintain the effects and boost the facial muscle tone.

After many years of searching Katrina has now found a range of products she is happy to use and recommend. Book in for a Facial to experience the natural beauty range.

Rachel Thornton

Rachel offers effective acupuncture treatments and practical, down-to-earth advice to guide her patients towards better health, physical recovery and emotional balance. She is skilled in the treatment of pain, stress and anxiety, digestive disorders, fatigue, and pregnancy care, including acupuncture for labour induction. Rachel’s hands-on treatments incorporate Chinese medicine modalities such as acupuncture, cupping, massage, in conjunction with lifestyle advice, exercise and dietary recommendations.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), Certificate IV Therapeutic Massage, is a nationally accredited Chinese Medicine Practitioner with AHPRA and a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She is also trained in Dr Tan’s Balance Acupuncture method, an effective treatment method for pain relief and management. Her acupuncture treatments may be claimed through private health extras cover.

To book an appointment with Rachel please call her mobile on 0404 115 028 or BOOK ONLINE