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Probiotics - Replenishing the Fragile Ecosystem That Makes You, You!

Life Inside You

Bacteria are critical for human survival, living both within
and on your body. It may sound unappealing, but having the
right types of bacteria in the right balance can help your body
function optimally. For every one human cell in your body, there
are ten bacterial cells; this means you are about 1% human and
99% bacteria! There are billions of different types of bacteria
in your body, all playing different roles to keep your health in
check. When these bacteria are out of balance, it can make
you susceptible to digestive symptoms and conditions, such as
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); as well as having an impact on
immunity, allergies, metabolism, and skin health. Probiotics are
beneficial bacteria that can have positive effects on health. The
right probiotic can bring your body back into balance.

Benefits of a Good Probiotic
The average Western diet is not optimal to keep your bacteria
in balance. You need a good balance of beneficial bacteria
to keep your immune and digestive systems healthy, as well as
playing a role in many other functions in your body. In order
to achieve and maintain this healthy balance, use a good
quality, high potency probiotic supplement. As different strains
of probiotics have different actions in the body, it is crucial
to use a strain that is specific for your individual needs. The
right strain will help your body to replenish and grow your own
unique strains of bacteria that only you have. Some strains of
probiotics have the ability to influence your digestive flora for a
more harmonious balance.
Probiotics for a Range of Health Conditions
Scientific studies support the therapeutic use of specific strains
of probiotics for different conditions. For the best results, it is
important to use the right strain to match your health concerns.
Your Practitioner may prescribe the following probiotics:

Many conditions can benefit , such as Imune system, skin, musclulature, headaches, joint pain, vasculature,eyesight, hair and nail health, bowel function, bone and tooth health and depression. other areas such as mental accuity can also benefit.

Probiotic Strain Benefit to You
acidophilus NCFM®
and Bifidobacterium
lactis Bi-07
These strains are suitable as an
everyday probiotic to help maintain
healthy gastrointestinal function, and
restore healthy gut flora, especially
after a course of antibiotics.
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
A restorative strain, beneficial for food
allergies and eczema.
cerevisiae (boulardii) SB
A protective strain suitable for the
prevention and treatment of travellers’
Lactobacillus plantarum
An anti-inflammatory strain to reduce
the symptoms of IBS and inflammatory
bowel disease.
lactis HN019 and
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
These strains may reduce the
symptoms and incidence of colds
and flus by boosting immune system
Getting it Right
There are many different probiotic supplements available today;
your Practitioner can help select a quality probiotic supplement
just for you. Probiotic drinks, yoghurts, and even probiotic lollies
may not contain beneficial bacteria at a therapeutic dose, and
nor do they provide specific probiotic strains to target your
individual health needs. A Practitioner prescribed probiotic will
provide high strength, therapeutic doses of bacteria that will be
beneficial in managing your health.
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